Hot fun in the summertime…

Hot fun in the summertime by sly and the family stone rings round my head as I sweat myself to my mark its June and an azores high as set us in a mini heatwave, 30 degree highs and its hard to recognize the familiarity of my local mark set against a new background of pure heat.

Over three days I fished early mornings and late evenings exclusively fishing topwater lures .As I look back now this time plays like a short film in my memory. I had some great fishing, two fish at 67 cm and 3 at 62cm with plenty in the 3 and 4 lb range.

Lures used where the patch 100,frosty,asture110 and vulture, chosen depending on the conditions as in wind strength and chop on the water, the main principle is to best present something natural to fool the fish.

The highlight of these hot fun sessions was taking a 67cm fish on the patch on a new rod ( a yamaga blanks ballistick tz nano 73ml, a rod deigned for topwater fishing casting to 22g its a dream to fish the small patch with and matched with a shimano vanquish 3000hg 16 lb braid and 12lb fluro leader was a match made in heaven and bags of fun !!)

There is no doubt I will be replaying this short film many a time in the months to come……..

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