More Of The Same




Keen to get out after the recent sucsesses it wasnt long before i was back into some fish and the drag was singing !, music to my ears. 8 fish in total with the best going 62cm, same technique as the last session. The water temperature is now 12 degrees.



Going With The Flow


Ive been experimenting on some new ground using soft plastics rigged up with a jighead trotted down in the flow, figuring the fish are sat down in the bottom with there tails up picking up food as it drifts by, basically just trotting it down with minimal movement just that of the current, with the rod held up high. And its proved highly sucessfull and today was no exception with 7 fish up to 57cm taken in a short period. The setup that did the business today was a Keitech Shad Impact 4 inch and a 14gram Iwashi jighead, attached to a long 8lb fluro leader, great stuff and i cant wait to get back out there, the sea temperature has just risen to 11 degrees..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA