picasion-com_b3c76ce96cfbde4df072e22de7c4cff4With the onset of Autumn comes some of the best bass fishing, water temperatures are still high, 18 degrees and the fish are fighting hard, weather conditions can become unpredictable but these seem to bother the angler more than the Bass !!.


Recently when conditions have allowed ive continued taking good fish off the top, but often if the wind is blowing hard from the side for example its fruitless to even try, there is no magic surface lure to deal with this, so shallow divers or sps are a far better bet.


picasion-com_b46cc2f9b51e6fff87621d3f29807aadAbove is a nice fish taken in the flow bumping an illex 4.8 i shad tail rigged up to a ecogear iwashi 14 g jighead, one of a few i had in the space of 15 minuites. Talking of jigheads i have recently been trying a few out, but have come back to the ecogear as its by far the best for 4inch sps which i use alot, its a quality piece of kit with a nickel plated hook which ive never had broken or bent out of shape, unlike others ive tried, just a shame they dont do a 18 g model !!.


One of the things i love about Bass fishing is the many different locations, estuary, shallow reef rock marks, surf beaches you can catch them and with each the different set of knowledge you need to have in order to be sucssesfull. I have just started fishing some of my local surf beaches with limited reward but im eating up new information like you wouldnt believe, im sure hours and hours will be put in before i start getting a picture of whats happening but that whole learning process is exciting within itself !!, watch this space..


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