Thankyou Sea



Had a chance last sunday to get out for an early one, tides and conditions looked bang on, so i was itching to get out there. On arrival to my mark things looked good, light winds, 1 to 2 ft of swell pushing and clear water, perfect. I hadnt fished this mark for awhile and its like visiting an old freind, the knowledge of the underwater scenery clicked in and i was quickly casting shallow running lures through the edges of one of my favourite gullys. As often is the case you cant always tick all the boxes, weed !, which has gone crazy with the rising sea temperatures, 14 degrees, so i texas rigged up a gold flash Keitech Eay Shiner 4 inch with a lead cone to get it down where the fish would be. Cast out, let it sink, then a slow sink and draw back, fish on !, just a small one but encouraging that the technique was working, just need to find its granny !. Next cast same thing, but slower, wallop !!, fish on, the drag was singing and it was obviously a good fish, keeping deep with powerfull runs, right lets get her in, coaxing her away from potential disaster i got my first look at her, heart pumping full of adrenaline she was nearly mine, a few last runs then in i went and she was mine. Picking her up and feeling the weight i knew she was a good lump.




So a few quick shots then measured, 73cm !, result, around the 9lb mark, a beautifull fish in great condition, heart still pumping, it was time to get her back home, swimming off strongly . As always when youve had a good fish, its like a state of shock, so i just sat there and thanked the sea .



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