Highs And Lows



As often is the case the last weeks fishing has been one of highs and lows, the lows being two clients loosing good fish, one , estimated beetween 6 and 7lb, shaking the hook as i was about to grab it to the shore and the other, estimated 6lb plus smashing a topwater lure then getting into the rocks. I hate loosing fish and it seems worse when it happens to a client. So to find some thereapy i went fishing !.




Hitting a few of my favourite rock marks i ended up with a fair few fish in the 3, 4 lb mark on different sessions, falling to the ima kommomo sf 125 and the ima nabarone 125f. After catching one fish of 4lb i quickly cast out again over some nice shallow ground, zig zagged with gulleys, as i was just finishing my retreive a much larger fish appeared from nowhere and lunged at the lure just as i was taking it out of the water !, tail slapping me a face full of salt !, there is a thin line between sucsess and failure…



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