Red Letter Day



Last Friday i had a guiding session booked in with Trev Smith and Andy ( Nobby) Clarke, these two met on a fishing boat 20 years ago and have been mates ever since, fair to say these guys love fishing and know how to do it, all i had to do was find some fish ! The boys got on the road early to avoid the m25 madness and were down in good time, i had a mark in mind that i knew was fishing well, but with an air temperature of 28 degrees, clear skies and easterly wind i knew it wasnt going to be plain sailing !.




By the look of the conditions by gut instinct was to get straight on to some topwater lures, with the trusty Patchinko comming out for an intial outing. The first cast ( i was showing Nobby how i like to work the Patch) and a good fish swirled behind !, result !, things were looking good, clear seas, 19 degrees and hot hot conditions and it wasnt long before Nobby was in to his third fish….




To cut a long story short this turned into a memorable session, 18 fish caught in a two n a half hour session all off the top and believe me it doesnt get better than this !



Its magic when everything comes together, Trev was down here as part of his 50th Birthday celebrations and near the end of the blitz had a proper fish hit the Patchinko 3 times before she nailed it close in then tore off for freedom, this proved to be the best fish of the session nudging 6lbs..



This has to be one of my favorite sessions ever, ok we had some great fishing, but it was more about the fun we all had, kids in a sweet shop comes to mind !, kindred spirits, which was cemented in the pub after !, Nobbys first pint dissapeared in one go…



Needless to say Trev and Nobby are already planning there next trip down here,  iwas sad to see them go but cant wait to hook back up for the Autumn Big Girls….

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