Friday 1st August



Friday the 1st of August is a special date in my diary for personal reasons and whatever is happening i always make sure to get out for a fish and suck in some salt air n feel the breeze against my face.So the tides were ideal to try on one of my favourite marks and i set about pin point casting my SF Komomo 125 into the fizzing water. Conditions looked great and i felt confident something would happen…



As i was retreiving my lure over the shallow reefy ground whallop and my drag started singing as a good fish stormed off right behind a rock !, so it was a case of keeping the rod high to prevent the braid from parting and play a game of patience as the fish felt stuck on something. Eventually the fish moved itself free and i bullyed it into some cleaner ground where i had the chance to play it out and get my first glimpse of her, a lovely fish which soon was mine.



As usual a few shots then measured, 68cm of North Devon Silver, she swam away strongly to live another day and i headed to the pub for a well earnt pint….



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