Clear water


Had a session last week and it was a case of searching for some clear water, my intended marks were coloured from the recent autumnal swells and winds. So it was pleasing to find some doable conditions on a mark i hadnt fished for some time. I found a small bay area sheltered from the 2 to 3 ft swell that was pushing through on the incomming tide. A steely grey sea with plenty of fizz, ideal and figured i had a about half an hour to play with before the bay got battered.


Clipping on one of my favourite lures for these conditions the ima nabarone in copper candy, wrasse imitation ?, anyhows i felt pretty confident something would happen and just as i was finishing my retreive i had a good hit and a good tussle later i had a bristling north devon silver around the 4lb mark, result. As the swell pushed through my window had gone, happy with my one fish and glad i found some clear water !


There is every chance over the next month to find a fish like this one from a previous season, as ever you just need some decent conditions and that the Bass Gods may be shining down on you !


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