Winter Silver


So Autumn has slipped away and we are definitely in winters grips. I’ve had a few sessions over the last week or two and at the end of the day this time of year you need to just get out there and get stuck in !. Bear in mind the water temperature is 12 degrees which is what is was in may and early june, this always gives me the confidence that overides the cold conditions.


As always you need to time your tides and conditions to maximize your chances, so with a window in the weather and a nice lightish sw wind i hit one of my banker marks, getting into some fish early on up to the 3lb mark fishing a green baitbreath tt shad on a 14g iwashi jighead nice n slow across the current. Things were looking good but it took me a while to find another fish, but it was worth the wait.



The usual method of bouncing the ttshad down in the current was what i was pinning my hopes on but i hadnt a sniff and the cold was beginning to bite, then tap tap bang and the clutch sang as i raised into a good fish. As usual with decent fish from this mark they start moving upstream so it was just a case of keeping a tight line and some patcience. And it wasnt long after some good splashing about i was holding a beautifull conditioned fish in the 7lb range, a few shots and back she went.Result !..


Hopefully il be able to get a few more sessions in before christmas, but if i dont this a great way to round off another Bass year…



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