There”s No Two Ways About It…..


There”s no two ways about it, its been a tough season with catches way down on previous seasons. Why ?, well the main reason i would say on my North Devon coast has been the conditions. Constant summer swells and winds have all helped keep coloured water in charge on my coastal marks, which is pretty much the kiss of death for lure fishing. The marks i then turn too for better clarity have been hit hard by intense inshore netting leaving zero confidence on fishing these marks.


Well thats the doom and gloom done with !, the recent settled weather we just had ( the first i would say since April !) allowed  me a good chance to blow out some cobwebs and get into some hard fighting solid Autumn Silver. With the sea at 17 degrees i can never resist some topwater fun so the Patchinko brothers have been put to good use with fish up to 69cm falling to there charm..


Bumping soft plastics has generally been less sucsesfull than of recent seasons, but again its more down to the conditions than anything else, i have had good sucsess with the one up slug,i shad tail 4.8, geecrack gyrostar and the trusty favourites the tt shad and keitech easy shiner all attatched to either a iwashi jighead or gamakstu bottom knocker…


So here”s looking forward to some windows in the weather to enjoy some quality Autumn Bassing….






One thought on “There”s No Two Ways About It…..”

  1. Hi there my friend .I have missed your regular post but totally agree with the dire situation that’s largely the result of legal and illegal netting. I’ve had no choice than to resort too desperate measures and spent a lot of money on an 18ft boat and 90hp Outboard. This has allowed me to venture out to some inshore Wrecks and the Portland Race where I’ve enjoyed some at best reasonable Bass fishing. The sad but simple truth is the inshore and off shore legal and illegal netting will only stop when they have virtually destroyed the Bass biomass (nearly there now) so its impossible to earn a living from it. The good news is it will recover but may take 10 years or so to do so. The bench mark is the stellar increase in the numbers of Striped Bass off the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. I know this is cold comfort but the truth is rarely easily digested especially when like you its a hobby I have grown to love. Keep smiling and please keep posting. Stuart

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