Its a Start…….


Well at last a post !!, its been awhile…generally speaking the season didnt really kick off untill the end of April with just one fish caught. The winter fishing was a major dissapointment with storm after storm hammering the North Devon coast, ok so it was a mild winter but i always judge things by the water temperature which has taken a long time to warm up hence the slow start.


A two week family holiday in Ibiza coincided with some good settled weather here in the uk ( aint it always the way !!)  so on my return it was a pleasant suprise to see jellyfish moving past me in the now 14 degrees water, i had one decent session at the tail end of this warm period and had 6 fish to 57 cm off the bottom, tt shad on  a daiwa 21g jighead and off the top patchinko and vultura… its a start….


The first fish of the season at the end of April was taken on a bassday range vibe, a vibration lure that i have been playing around with, vibration lures are highly effective and popular in Japan where they use them to great effect on their seabass, our european brothers and sisters seem to like them too !!…

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