Autumn is a great season for Bass fishing, the water temperatures are still high and the fish are plump and fighting hard. Conditions can be variable but these bother the angler more than the fish !.


picasion-com_b76cd37e11823d0fd32d8687c020cfe1Its obvious i do alot of topwater fishing but sometimes this method can prove friutless, a howling side wind for example, there is no secret topwater lure that deals with this, so other methods will provide better sucsses.


picasion-com_b46cc2f9b51e6fff87621d3f29807aadThe above fish was taken bumping a illex 4.8 i shad tail in the flow attatched to a ecogear iwashi 14 g jighead, one of 3 i took in the space of 15 minuites. The ecogear jighead is the best ive used by far, perfect for presenting 4 inch size sps, the nickel plated 1/0 hook is strong, ive yet to have one bend out or break unlike others ive tried, i think with many of the other jigheads ive tried the hook size is too large, so the gape is too wide and  hook ups are reduced.


One of the things i love about Bass fishing is the variety of different locations, estuary, shallow reef rock marks, surf beaches for example you can catch them from and all the different methods associated with these places. Ive recently started fishing some of my local surf beaches with limited sucsses, but im devouring information and new knowledge like you wouldnt believe !!, its refreshing and exciting, you can never stop learning !!,watch this space…


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