From tide to tide to tide…..


Its funny how one tide to the next can vary so much, last week was a good example. Checking the tides and conditions i headed out friday morning full of confidence, everything looked good but i blanked !. Convinced it was worth another go i headed back for a short evening session and im glad i did !, fish were topping everywhere hitting shoals of sandeels and it wasnt long before i was playing my first fish off the top on the tackle house vulture.


So to cut it short i managed 15 plus fish all in the 2/3/4 lb range, kid in a sweet shop comes to mind !, a few photos were taken due to the intensity of the action, after all the memory i believe is stronger than the image.picasion.com_ba57b038930d1ba03d2da4b44f33b60c


Needless to say i was back out the following morning eager for the first hit off the top and in another golden spell i managed another 15 plus fish of a similar size, the following morning( rude not too !!) i managed one fish, the wind had changed and the water had coloured. So it just shows you how the fish can switch on and off with so many variables thrown in, when its on you need to get stuck in to get the results, the next tide may reveal things have changed……

2 thoughts on “From tide to tide to tide…..”

  1. Great fishing as per usual Joel. What sort of conditions suit the Vulture best and how are you using the lure action wise?

    1. Hi James i use it pretty much anywhere, casts well and can be fished in some pretty rough conditions, its pretty stable like a beefed up skimmer its all about confidence, soon as you start catching on it you will be away !!..

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