What a cracker !!….


picasion.com_39e1ac62ba8ed5bf39a0b3db171a2b67 (1)

I had the pleasure of guiding Rory Batho and his freind Gordon last monday and here is Rory with a cracker he had off the top on a xorous frosty, the smile says it all !!


We all had plenty of fish but Rorys was the pick off the bunch, unfortunately Gordon lost another good fish but at the end of the day it was two happy anglers and one happy guide !!


Released to fight another day….


4 thoughts on “What a cracker !!….”

  1. Hi Joel,

    Great to see that you’ve had a couple of bumper sessions, both yourself and with your clients. Its a similar situation down here in South Devon where the sand-eel shoals (and Mackerel), really nice onshore conditions and spring tides have made for some excellent lure conditions for Bass.

    If you ever want to venture South mate, give me a shout!! It would be a real pleasure!

    All the very best


      1. Thanks Joel,

        It would be great to sample the North Devon coastline and to swap some ideas, methods and techniques etc… If you would like to email me some dates for the Autumn when you’re free, and I’ll pop up for the day.

        I had a good session a few days ago (see my blog) during pretty much perfect conditions – that 500g small patchinko is some lure isn’t it! Perfect for imitating the sandeels on the top.


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