Trev and Nobby….


Trevor Smith and Andy ( Nobby Clarke ) are a couple of my regular clients who each year come down to chase some silver bars and let there hair down in some of the finest North Devon public bars and usually a friday night curry !!. Needless to say i look forward to there company each year !,and its always sad to see them go.



Both Trev and Nobby had plenty of fish off the top, but the better fish came from bouncing soft plastics in the flow, Andys fish came to a black fiish minnow, whilst Trev did well on the fiish crazy sandeel. The best moment comming with a double hook up, double trouble !!…


The water is 17 degrees and rising so if you fancy a guided session, please get in touch, i have plenty of availability through September….




As ever all the fish were returned, catch and release all the way….

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