Smiles all round….


I have been guiding Neil and his son Harry ( aged 12 ) for a fair few years now, making there way down from Yorkshire for there summer holidays here in North Devon…


We always find some fish though not always the largest, but a fish is a fish and each year there excitment grows with the buzz of catching some silver bars, especially when conditions allow and we are topwater fishing, its the visual hit that gets the adrenaline pumping.


Its so refreshing seeing a young lad like Harry so into his fishing, he kept asking me if there were any big fish that we might catch and sure enough in the space of one session had broken his p.b twice !!, landing the best fish of the day off the top on the tackle house vulture, way to go Harry !!…


So it was smiles all round with plenty of good quality fish caught and needless to say we are looking forward to seeing each other next year….


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