Shake rattle and roll…..


I recently had the pleasure of guiding Dave Taylor and Matt Newcombe, two highly experienced anglers, Dave has caught more big bass than you could wish for and many of his articles in Total Sea Fishing ( for bass ) have long stayed in my memory bank. I was confident we would catch knowing the fish had been showing well, yet it ended up being a tough day on the water with only one decent fish caught to Matt on a giant x layer bumped in the flow.


This got me thinking and im sure the difference in this soft plastic stickbait that made the difference was the inbuilt rattle.


So for my following solo sessions i tried the xlayer bumped in the flow in comparison to other sps and the xlayer came out on top, the rattle won the day !!


Many anglers are now adding rattles to there sps with great effect, so its no mystery that the rattle can make a difference between catching and not, the fish obviously hone in on it, anyhows from my recent experienced im now totally sold, shake rattle and roll, thanks Matt !!..


The water temperature has now dropped to 15 degrees which is what it was in June, so i will fish confidently through November into December as long as the conditions allow. If you would like a guided session please contact me via my email …….




4 thoughts on “Shake rattle and roll…..”

  1. I have only had a few sessions since getting back into it. I tried bumping those Iwashi Heads along clean ground, though not much signs of Bass. Had a couple OTT though. Sold my YB last month and will get back into fishing next year when I get a 9’6 Shoregame.

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