A trusty old favourite…


We all have lures, soft plastics that we turn to and fish with total confidence, trusty favourites that are proven fish catchers.Over the years you learn to read the conditions and select lures that you know will do the do and once youve got to know your marks its just a matter of time before you get your first hit.


The Bait Breath 4 inch tt shad in ayu has long been a firm favourite of mine, attatched to a ecogear iwashi 14 g its a match made in bass heaven and ive caught hundreds of bass bumping it in the flow.


The triangular tail of the tt shad is the thing that makes the difference in my opinion as it doesnt take much current to get it working and the bass just cant resist it. I tend to use the tt in clear water anything murkier i will switch to something else, like the x layer with the inbuilt rattle.


I tend to glue the tt to the jighead to prevent slipping or general tearing. Anyhows its a sp that i trust and its always in my bag and when conditions allow its deadly, as all these recent fish prove….






4 thoughts on “A trusty old favourite…”

    1. Hi Giuseppe when I am using the 4000 stella with a 4 inch bait I am generally rigging it with a 14 g jighead and bumping it down in current so it is not too heavy… thanks Joel

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