Winter silver….


After a recent cold spell in November the water temperature has dropped off to 11 degrees, ive managed a few sessions recently with some sucsess, any winter silver is a bonus so im more than happy to have connected with a few.


Due to a prolonged period of solid swell the water clarity hasnt been great so i have concentrated on fishing shallow water over reefs to improve my chances. The above fish was one of two taken drifting a tt shad in some flow, the fish were sat in a pocket just out of the flow ready to hit any bait that should come along.Think like a fish to catch a fish comes to mind !!


If the conditions allow i will keep getting out through January eager for the hit, the adrenaline of the bite that keeps all us anglers addicted !.



So here is wishing everyone who reads this blog a very Happy New Year and tight lines for 2016….


All Bass caught by myself and my clients in 2016 were all released….

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